Girls’ basketball blows away the competition

The Darby girls’ basketball team went up against the Franklin Heights Falcons on Tuesday, November 29th for their fifth game of the winter season. The game ended with a score of 91-18 and a victory for the Lady Panthers.


Photo taken by Madeline Capka.

Photo taken by Madeline Capka.

   At the start of the game the Panthers got the ball during the tip off, and number 30, Sophomore Stacia Rispress, scored the first basket of the game to put Darby in a lead that would last the whole game. The Falcons were fouled multiple times in a row which resulted in Rispress making three free throws.

  There were lots of stars in this game, including number fourteen, Senior Jessica Cox. She had many great shots, one of them being made after she stole the ball mid-throw and went in for a layup. Sophomore Annie Rauch also made some iconic baskets which were mostly layups.

  During the first quarter hardly any substitutions were made, but once Darby had a lead of over 20 points almost all of the starters were subbed out for second-string players.

  Starting in the second quarter the lady panthers began trying for lots of three pointers, and number eleven, Sophomore Sydney Wyngarden, was the first to score one.

  By the end of the first half of the game Darby was ahead by a whopping 48-10 and showed no signs of slowing down.

  In the third quarter Freshman Olivia Krumpe scored on the Falcons and the student section began cheering “She’s a Freshman!”

  Once the fourth quarter rolled around the crowd was getting antsy for the Panthers to reach a score of 100. Even though this ended up not happening, they got very close with a final score of 91-18.

  The Lady Panthers did a great job this game, and their season so far looks very promising.

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