Get a little taste of Food Club

The newest addition to Darby’s extracurricular clubs is food club. It might be the best club Darby has created since its existence. The main parts of the club are making food, socializing, and eating. Each week members are given a different culture to make food for. For example, last week was focused around Italian food, but this week might be focused on Mexican food.

  Founder and Sophomore Jenna Shalash talked about the creation of the club.

  “I decided to make this club because I wanted to get people involved in afterschool activities. Also, I wanted to teach and learn about all these different cultures through food,” Shalash said.

  Shalash’s favorite thing about the club is learning about the cultures over the variety of dishes provided and getting to know the people behind the food they prepared. Shalash is trying to invite more people to the club.

  “People should join because you can learn a lot from others, it’s a great way to get involved with the school. Plus who wouldn’t love trying some cuisine after a long day at school?” she shared.

  The food club is very laid back. There are only two meetings each month. The first meeting of the month is when they talk about what cultural foods they are going to bring in and plan everything out. Then everyone gets the whole next week to prepare their dishes as long as they’re ready to go by the following Thursday.

  If you want some good food, great people, and a little bit of culture, take your talents to the food club.

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