Fun Spring Break Activities

Instead of just sitting around doing nothing over your spring break, here are some fun ideas from other students and peers on what you can do during your time off. It’s okay if you aren’t going anywhere exciting like Spain or the Bahamas. Most kids today think that you have to travel somewhere exotic to have a good time during Spring Break. That is not the case; there are a lot of fun activities you can go do while other people are overspending on a vacation. Reading this article will give you and your friends multiple options on how to make it a fun week in Hilliard.

  One new, upcoming activity that kids our age seem to really enjoy is a place called Topgolf. It is located right next to the Polaris Mall. Grab six of your friends and have a fun time golfing into giant targets on the course to earn points! They even have food you can order there too. It is open until 2am so you can stay there all night and have guaranteed fun!

  Ryan Eatherton, who is a senior at Hilliard Darby, shared his thoughts about the new Topgolf in Polaris. “It is probably one of my favorite places to hang out with friends and just have fun. It is even better when you go at night because the targets are glowing with different colors. I can for sure see myself and a couple friends going over spring break. Make sure you go to Swenson’s after for some food!”

  The food at Topgolf is a little expensive so if you’re looking for something cheaper, definitely go to Swenson’s. This is a burger joint, right outside Topgolf and they run the food out to your car!

  Let’s say spring break in Ohio isn’t what we all thought it would be and it ends up being super rainy. Well then you should gather a bunch of your friends and have a movie marathon with popcorn, candy and snacks. Some good new movies you could watch are A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody, or watch some older ones like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or even rewatch The Office on Netflix. I’m sure any movie you find will be fun and help you relax during this time off.

  Junior Zayna Hampton stated, “I will be staying home this spring break but staying busy with work, track practice and soccer practice. I will definitely be watching a lot of movies and catching up on my sleep.”

  If you want to get out of the house, you could always go check out The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Or go to the Easton Mall to shop, walk around, and grab something yummy to eat. If you’re the adventurous type of person, you can go downtown to the Short North and take pictures with friends, or go on a hike through Hayden Falls.

  I hope you find something that interests you and that you invite your friends along too. Make this spring break one to remember and have fun while doing these super fun activities.

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