Freshmen first impressions

For many freshman the first few days of high school can be nerve-racking because they are in a new building with a lot of new people. With everything the school is doing to help the new students get used to high school, it’s making it easier for everyone to get comfortable in this new place.

Assistant principal, Chad Schulte, has noticed how excited and nervous the 400 new freshman were their first few days.

“I would say a majority of the freshman coming in are very excited also very scared,” Schulte noted, “…they are coming from a place that has around 700 students, 750, to one that has over 1600 this year. So it’s much bigger, much more intimidating, but also much more exciting.”

Along with getting to know the building during orientation, students also got the opportunity to meet with counselors, administration, and members of student council. Meeting with these people helped ease Darby’s new students into their first year.

Before the school year started, the freshman at orientation were able to walk the halls and learn their schedules with the help of administration and student leaders. Being in a new building may be hard to get around at first, but after a short time learning where to go becomes easier.

Students like Lexie Horton have quickly learned the shape of the building, to help them get around. But learning things like the layout of the school helps to make the transition a lot easier.

“I’ve gotten lost once… It’s just a giant ‘H’,” Horton said.

There are many new things that freshman are looking forward to. Some are anticipating the new people they will meet, like Clair Rowland, while others like Hatim Salih are more interested in the academic side of high school, anticipating his new classes at Darby.

“[I’m looking forward to] making new friends,” both Horton and Rowland agreed.

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