Freshmen fill the halls of Darby

On August 21st, 423 incoming Freshmen entered Hilliard Darby High School to begin their four year journey as Panthers.

  Freshman Taylor Clark was very enthusiastic, despite also being overwhelmed.

“I was a little overwhelmed…but excited to be in high school and experience new things,” said Clark.

  The class of 2021 had a lot to adjust to when coming to high school. According to Clark, the hardest part about moving from Heritage to Darby was the size of everything.

  “Everything is bigger, the lunches are bigger and have way more people,” Clark explained.

  The transition to high school can be hard if you don’t know these helpful tips on how to get through the year.

  The first tip is to stay positive. Bad test grades happen sometimes, and not everyone can group up with their best friends all the time. It may seem discouraging but one bad test grade isn’t going to ruin a GPA.

   Another helpful hint is to keep all classwork and supplies organized. Whether it be on an iPad, in a bookbag, or in a locker, having everything organized will reduce stress. It’ll be easy to avoid that feeling of panic when it’s hard to find something and the panic emerges.

  The final tip is to enjoy high school! Most people will be at Darby for four years, so make the most of the opportunities available. There are sport teams, intramurals, theater, band, orchestra, leadership clubs, and if there isn’t something that sounds interested, make a new club!

  Having the right mindset and getting involved will be key to being successful here at Darby. The biggest key, though, will be remembering to have fun.

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