Say bonjour to French Club

French club is open to all students who take French. The club meets once a month and will do various fun activities such as a mini ballet lesson, a Tour de Hilliard, and a French Christmas party.

  Senior Grace Burkhart will be giving the French club a mini ballet lesson at the next meeting on Tuesday, October 18th. Members are excited to be able to try something new even though they are not all dancers.

  Last year, the French club did a Tour de Hilliard in order to bring the bike race, Tour de France, a little closer to home. They rode on the bike path into old Hilliard and then ate lunch together. It was a big hit and they plan on doing it again.

  In addition to fun activities, the French club has a Christmas party every year. During the party, the club looks at the differences between the holiday times in America and in France. For example, some American families celebrate the holidays with a Yule log tradition. Instead of an actual log, the French make a cake called Buche de Noël. This year, the French club students will be making their own Buche de Noël cakes during the December meeting.

  There are a lot of fun things planned for French club this year, and all of the students involved are really excited. Sophomore Aryadna Ojeda feels French club helps expand her knowledge of the language.

   “What I like most is that we get to learn about the culture and I get to learn more of the history. It’s really cool and diverse and the group of people that are in there make it really fun. It’s just awesome,” Ojeda stated.

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