Follow-up to “Football rules the mind of the school”

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Members of the Darby community, myself included, noticed a positive change in school recognition and promotion. Since that article was published the PA announcements have included specific events such as band competitions, volleyball matches, soccer games, and theatre performances.

   Assistant Principal Chad Schulte expressed that despite the students’ perception, it is not the intention of the administration to slight anyone in their PA announcements or the celebration of other activities along with clarifying their attendance at school events.

  “We try extremely hard to acknowledge all students when they have important events throughout the week. Additionally, we attend co curricular and curricular events nearly every night of the week throughout the school year to support our students,” said Schulte.

  Schulte also cleared the air about some misinformation about the financial aspects of athletics, mentioning that the big purchases, like the turf, are up to the district, not the administration. The complexity behind some things may be more intricate than appears. The student body wants to know about these plans for improvement. Making this information known to the students helps to being new fervor to these activities even before the changes take place.

  The school has shown how supportive it can be, especially when it comes to football. For instance, the football team qualified for the state playoffs this year, and there was a lot of excitement for the game. They sold t-shirts and offered a spirit bus for students to get to the game which also helped build some hype for the event.

  This morale pushed on Football needs to be present for other activities. For instance, when the Boys Volleyball Team made it into the state playoffs this past year, other than being advertised on twitter, there was no spirit bus to get students to the games or t-shirts celebrating the team making it to the state playoffs. Although some of the games were after the school year had officially ended, six out of the nine tournament games they played were during the school year. The support that the Boys Volleyball Team did receive included Fatheads and self lead students showing their support.

  Not only can administrators continue to support more activities, students can also make sure they are coming and supporting the athletic, music, and theatre programs. Ultimately, the power lies in the masses. Your presence is power. If we as students want change, we need to be the ones to demand it.  

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