Five DIY Halloween costumes under $25

It is Halloween time, and you know what that means: stressing out over the most ridiculous outfit you are going to wear. No need to worry this year, because I am going to give you five different homemade Halloween costumes under $25.

  The first costume is a pretty popular one for the past few years: a minion. All you need is a yellow shirt, a yellow beanie, blue jeans or overalls, a toilet paper roll, scissors, silver spray paint, and a black headband. The only thing you would actually need to make is the goggles. First, cut the toilet paper roll in half and spray them with the silver spray paint. Then, just glue the two pieces onto the headband, and you are finished.

  The next costume is a tourist. You will need a floral button down top, a flower necklace, a sun hat, and a camera (optional). Just put a little sunscreen on your nose, and you are all set.

  Another very easy and popular costume this year is Georgie from the movie IT. All you need is a yellow rain jacket or poncho and a red balloon. Just pair this with a some sort of pants and shirt and you are ready.

  Probably the easiest costume of them all is a superhero of any kind. The only thing really needed for this costume is a shirt with any superhero on it. You could use a cape or shield for effect.

  The last costume is Damien from Mean Girls. You need a hoodie of any color (preferably light blue), sunglasses, a piece of paper, and yarn or string. Scrunch the hoodie up and tie it in a bow, the put on your glasses. Then just make the sign that says “She doesn’t even go here”. Poke one hole on each side and stick the string through. Tie the string into a knot and hang it from your neck, and you are done.

  Here are five simple and easy Halloween costumes for under $25. Hope you enjoy, have a great Halloween!


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