Final band concert displays hard work and emotions

The last band concert of the year took place this past Thursday, May 11th. With English folk songs like “Vesuvius” and” Danzig Number Two”,  Darby band’s last performance was a successful night. After many weeks of in-class preparation, the musicians put on a well- performed concert.

  Senior and field commander Brittany Lewis gave her thoughts on the night.

  “We performed like we practice but with more emotion. We always try to practice like it is the day of, but when we’re on that stage all together there’s something you can’t recreate.” Lewis explained. “My last concert was both amazing and emotional. Halfway through, it hit me that this will be my last time I will get to make music with my friends. It was a happy sad,” Lewis added.  

 Senior Catharine Jordan who plays the clarinet and was also a field commander expressed her opinion on the band’s performance.

 “Everyone worked really hard and I’m really gonna miss playing with this amazing group, which I’m sure will only continue to get better,” Jordan said.

  For Lewis and Jordan, this was their last time performing with Darby’s band, but was definitely an unforgettable evening. The band will reconvene in the summer months to prepare for marching band season next fall.

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