Farrell receives tremendous honor and makes Darby proud

Many football players from around Ohio aspire to achieve the Division 1 first team All State honor, and this year Darby offensive lineman Keegan Farrell was awarded with this honor.

   Sports writers from around Ohio voted for Farrell to be given this award, and it is something that he has been working hard for in and out of the season.

    “Most of the work I did was out of season, I mean thousands of hours with all my teammates. And during the season my main focus was to just play as mean as I could,” he said.

   He set his goals high this year to receive this honor, and his thousands of hours he put in to achieve it payed off.

  “It’s a tremendous honor. For me, it’s the one goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the season and it feels absolutely incredible to be able to achieve it,” he said.

To help to understand how great this honor is, Farrell’s coach, John Santagata, said another Darby player who received this award went off to play in the NFL. Farrell is seen by his coach as being a player with tremendous skill, and feels like this is big for their program. He and the other coaches are very happy for Farrell to have been recognized for his skills.

   “In the whole state of Ohio he was one of the guys who was noticed for his talent, his effort, his techniques. It’s important for us and we are really happy for him,” Santagata said.

   Farrell was not only an amazing player, but he was also a team captain. This is something he took very seriously to help better not only the team, but also himself by using it to push himself and work harder for his team.

   “Everything that I did throughout the season was for the guys next to me. They were the primary motivation for every single thing I did out on the field, out on the practice field, and in the weight room,” Farrell said.

Keegan during a game in his senior football season. Photo provided by Keegan.

Keegan during a game in his senior football season.
Photo provided by Keegan Farrell.

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