Fall craft DIY: yarn pumpkins

Fall has finally arrived, the time for jumping in leaf piles, going on hayrides, and sipping pumpkin spice lattes while wrapped in a cozy sweater. Who doesn’t love this time of year? Especially the autumn holidays that are fast approaching. With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, festive decorations are a necessity.

  But wait, you don’t have any cute decor to liven up your living space until December rolls around? Don’t fear, because there are plenty of ways to make fun, festive decorations at home with supplies from the dollar store. Here is one example of an easy craft to set the mood this fall.
  Yarn Pumpkins are pumpkins made from glued orange yarn, that you can use use to decorate your house, or to hang up and add lights to use as lanterns. This guide creates 1-2 Pumpkins depending on their size.  


  • One balloon inflated about half-way
  • Around 30-40 18 inch pieces of orange yarn (the size and number of pieces of yarn may vary depending on personal preference and size of your balloon) 
  • 4 oz liquid glue or modge podge
  • 1-2 brown Pipe cleaners


Photo taken by Rachel Horvath

Step 1: Setup
First, you want to pour the glue into a larger container, a bowl, or a small Tupperware container works best. Next, you will need to hang your balloon (this is optional but I highly recommend doing this step), by attaching a piece of string to the top of the balloon and hanging it from a kitchen cabinet.

Photo taken by Rachel Horvath

Step 2: Attaching the string
Next, you will attach the pieces of pre-cut string to the balloon. To do this, you place one piece of string in the glue at a time and make sure that it is completely covered in glue, the more glue on the string the sturdier your final product will be. You can use your fingers to help remove some excess glue from the string. Place the string over the balloon and make sure it wraps all the way around the balloon. Continue this process, crisscrossing the strings over one another until you have reached the desired appearance of your pumpkin.

Pro tip: The more string you use, the better. This will make your pumpkin sturdier and less likely to collapse.

Photo taken by Rachel Horvath

Step 3: Drying
This step is easy, all you have to do is leave your pumpkin to dry for at least 24 hours, but the longer you let it dry the better. After your pumpkin is completely dry you MUST detach the string from the surface of the balloon. You can do this by gently pushing down on the surface of the balloon and gently pulling the string away from the balloon.

Photo taken by Rachel Horvath

Step 4: Popping the balloon
Once the string is completely detached from the balloon you can pop the balloon with scissors or any sharp object and throw it away. You should now have a hard shell of yarn that resembles a pumpkin. You may need to remove some excess glue from the shell of your pumpkin once completing this step.

Photo taken by Rachel Horvath


Step 5: Decorating

Finally, you have created the shape of your pumpkin and now you can decorate it any way you want. You can use the pipe cleaners to make a stem for your pumpkin or you can easily turn it into a jack-o-lantern with construction paper. You have total creative freedom.

Photo taken by Rachel Horvath

You can use your pumpkin in many different ways. You can hang them and use them as lanterns, set them on your porch, use them as a bowl or in any other way you can think of. Hope you have success if you try to make these!

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