Face your fears at the Haunted Hoochie

If you’re looking for some scary things to do this October, the Haunted Hoochie in Pataskala is great place to go! I went this last weekend, and for $25 I got into the main haunted house and a 3-D experience that was well worth the wait.

  The line to get into the main house was very long, we were in line for over two hours, but with all the things they had going on around us it didn’t seem as long. They had a small open stage the the front of the line with people doing spooky rope tricks, as well as people selling glow necklaces, and even a large screen projected on the side of the house sharing all kinds of outlandish conspiracy theories. All these things helped to make the line not seem as long, and once we got into the house, it was well worth the wait.

  When we got in, they separated us into groups. When you go to a haunted house there are two things you don’t want to do; be in the back, and show how scared you are. I was both. We were, for better or worse, stuck in the back of our group. While it made the experience scarier, it also made it better and more memorable. I also went through the house with my face half covered by my hoodie, as if it would protect me. The workers all noticed this and would frequently cut us off and scream at us trying to scare us, and it worked because I couldn’t help but scream in response.

  As I traveled through the house, I couldn’t hear any screams other than my own, along with the loud sounds that went on through the the house. The workers did a great job with their makeup, costumes, and acting, to make the haunted house come alive as the scary attraction it was meant to be. Along with the characters who filled the house, the house itself was very scary. Some parts were dark, and some had intense strobe lights that made it hard to see what was happening. At one point I lost my group and started freaking out, which made me a prime target for the workers to attack me. The would pop out of the walls, or come from secret passages and sneak up on us, or cut us off.

  Along with the main house, there was also a 3-D experience that was really cool. They gave us 3-D glasses and we walked through a building covered in neon paints. In the spirit of clowns being sighted across the country, it gave the clowns in this house an extra fear factor. They were also covered in paint, so it was hard to tell which were real and which were plastic.

  If you are looking for a fun thing to do with your family, or friends, this is a good place for you if you like the spirit of Halloween and to be scared. During Halloween haunted houses are good to go to to help get in the spirit and celebrate the holiday. I would love to go again, I highly recommend going to the Haunted Hoochie this October.

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