Emotion through bowls

  Sophomore Camryn Page is creating a sculpture piece in her Drawing 2 class to convey emotions through bowls, stories, and symbols.

  The project is focused on emotions and recycling. She will be placing objects into the ten different bowls to represent emotions like depression, love and adventure. The stories will also be collected to put under the bowls to further showcase the feeling.

  Page has been creating for the past nine years, with her favorite artistic expression being perspective through the use of sculpting.

  “It’s always been my passion,” Page expressed, “I had kind of a hard life growing up and it was easier to do art and take my emotions away from it by doing art.”

  Art teacher Valerie Kulick-Brown appreciates how Page’s project involves more than the sophomore and values recycling.  

  “She is taking something that is preexisting and breathing into it new life. Something that is modern, happening in our everyday,” Kulick-Brown explained, “It’s a great way for her to collaborate with other people as this is something that touches each of our lives.”

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