Easy, creative DIYs for the Halloween season

Halloween is right around the corner, so this year make sure you and your family do some great DIY activities!

Blair Witch:

This year “Blair Witch” hit theatres and scared almost anyone who watched it. Fans out there can make your very own Blair Witch symbol to display their pride and spice up any room.

  All you need to make these are four sticks, a glue gun, and string. Take the sticks and glue them to make them look like the symbol. Then you take the string and tie it around the top of the figure and hang it up anywhere you like.

Family Ghost Portrait:

img_0398The next easy DIY will take you back to your beloved kindergarten days with a handprint

All you need for this DIY is white and black paint, black paper, and some paint brushes.
Cover your hand with the  white paint and then press it onto the black paper. Make sure to hold your hand on the paper for a few seconds so your hand print stands out. Once the white handprint dries use the black paint to paint a face on your ghost. For an additional family feel you can paint put your name next to your ghost.

Pumpkin Flower Pot:

The last DIY is your own pumpkin flower pot. You’ll need gold spray paint, an old pumpkin pail, and some flowers or other plant. Paint the pumpkin pail with the gold spray paint. Once it dries, carefully put the flowers in the pail and put it outside for decoration.

  Those are some short and easy DIYs you could do this Halloween. Make sure to send us your own Halloween DIY on twitter @HDPantherPress!

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