Earth Day Messages

Earth Day is something that people celebrate all around the world. It’s a day set aside to promote environmental protection, and to inform people about the things going on in the environment.

  This day of promoting environmental protection happens on April 22nd, and has been going on since 1970. This year is different though, because the people behind Earth Day have a specific message: they want to promote environmental and climate literacy.

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  According to the Earth Day website, they want to, “build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet”. Creating an environment where more people understand the dangers facing the Earth will help people to work towards solving the problems.

  This year, there are two marches that are planned to be held around Earth Day, to help send a stronger message. The March for Science occurs on Earth Day, and the People’s Climate Mobilization happens a week later on April 29th.

  Earth Day becomes a bigger deal each year, and this year it is more important than ever. With this being the first year that Donald Trump is president, we have seen a lot about how he feels about the environment and its protection.

  With climate change affecting the globe and all the things that live on it, it is important to take a look at the things President Trump is doing in terms of the environment.

  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has gotten some attention lately in regards to President Trump, because of his appointment for the head of the organization, and talk about taking away some funding. However, the goal of this agency is to look at scientific data and come up with ways to protect the environment and human health.

  Trump has appointed Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA even though he doesn’t believe that carbon dioxide is the main contributor to climate change. Carbon dioxide is good at trapping heat in the atmosphere, and according to most of the scientific community, it is the main contributor for climate change. President Trump has come out saying that he is openly against the EPA.

  Not only has his appointment of Pruitt gotten attention, but also the fact that his budget plan would cut some funding of the EPA. According to The New York Times, the President’s budget cuts funding by 31%. But looking at the EPA’s budget compared to other part of the budget, cutting this funding isn’t going to help the economy, and it is going to hurt the environment. Without funding, it will be harder for the EPA to do the research it needs to find solutions to environmental problems the world is facing.

  Besides the EPA, the United States also funds the National Parks Service, which is the agency that oversees the nation’s national parks. Trumps budget plan will cut major funding to this agency, since $1.5 billion will be cut from the U.S. Department of the Interior. He has vowed to donate some of his salary to the National Parks Service, but it’s not nearly enough compared to how much will be cut.

  Overall, the president doesn’t seem to be as concerned with climate change and the environment like I would have hoped. It will be hard to get things to change without his help and the full support of the nation, but if people show Trump how important the environment is, hopefully things can change.
  This Earth Day, it is important to listen to their message and finds ways to change and improve your life so that we can change the world. It’ll take everyone to make a big enough impact, and April 22nd is a great time to start.

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