DIY Summer Shorts

As summer approaches, so does the warm weather which brings along spring fashion. A way to be stylish, eco-friendly, and save money this season is to make your own jean shorts with some simple materials lying around your house.


  • Jeans
  • Chalk
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Exacto Knife
  • Tweezers

Step One:

   Find some old jeans that are not too tight near the thighs. This is so that the shorts will not be uncomfortable to wear.

Step Two:

   Take the jeans and place a pair of good shorts on top to get a good length. Then trace a line where the shorts end with the chalk.

Step Three:

   Cut the shorts. I cut just a little below the line just in case I need to redo anything. I then tried them on to see if they fit.

Step Four:

   I chose to make the shorts a little more stylish by distressing them. I started by using the chalk and mapping out where I want the rips. Then I cut slits into the jeans with an exacto knife and  a magazine inside the pant leg. This is so the knife will not cut all the way through the pants. Next I took the tweezers and pulled out the threads.

Step Five:

   Fold the ends of the shorts and iron them to make the ends look cleaner.

Step Six:

   Put them on and show off your new cute shorts.

   I hope this cheap and eco-friendly DIY can make this spring and summer season more fashionable. 

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