DIY Snow globe

This December, celebrate the holidays with a winter wonderland…in a globe! It’s always fun to make new crafts with everyday items you have sitting around at home. Having a white Christmas is always a delight, but if it does not snow, you can always make an interesting Do-It Yourself Snow Globe. There’s no need to go out and buy an expensive snow globe when you can make one yourself. Making this will bring joy to people around you for this special holiday season. Kids will love the hands on project and they will love seeing how it turns out in the end. But don’t be surprised if adults love shaking the snow globe to see the blizzard come alive as well!



 The materials needed for this project are:

  • A jumbo mason jar

  • One mini pine tree

    • We found ours at Michael’s Craft store
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue gun




Step One:

  Hot glue mason jar lid to the mouth of the jar. We found it easiest to hot glue both sides to ensure no leakage. Set aside to dry and cool from the hot glue gun.

Step Two:

  Hot glue the pine tree on the lid. Hold in place for 10-20 seconds to make sure the tree sticks to the lid and doesn’t come off when shaking the globe.

Step Three:

  Fill the mason jar up with water. We filled it up all the way to the top to make it look like a natural snow globe.


Step Four:

  Add glitter to the water filled mason jar to your desired amount. You can add different colors of glitter to make the blizzard your own. We used white and grey glitter to represent snow.

Step Five:

  Screw on the lid to the jar as tightly as possible, so that when you’re shaking the mason jar it will not leak out of your masterpiece.

Step Six:

  Shake it! Watch your winter wonderland snow globe come to life!

  Start off the holiday right by decorating your house with a simple, fun and easy craft. This easy, affordable craft can instantly brighten up your home. Hope you have fun shaking away!

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