DIY Planter for Earth Day

Earth Day is here and many people are looking for good ways to reduce their trash. Of course,  recycle is always great but going beyond that is reusing old items. 50 million plastic bottles are used and thrown away so here is something to reuse and make your house a little greener. This reusable DIY is a self-watering planter.



  • Plastic bottle
  • Any plant
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum screen
    • I used an aluminum screen repair kit for this. You can easily find one of these kits at any hardware store near you,the price was
  • String
  • Potting soil
  • Sandpaper or a sanding sponge


Step One:

  Clean out your bottle and take off any labels. I used a 42.2 oz soda bottle for this project.

Step Two:

  Cut the bottle about an inch away from where the bottleneck curves down.

Step Three (Optional):

  Sand down the edges of the plastic  if it’s rough.

Step Four:

  Tie the string into the aluminum screen and let it hang loose.

Step Five:

  Place the bottleneck upside down and add the string and screen on top.

Step Six:

  Add your plant  on the bottle neck and add extra soil if needed.

Step Seven:

  Add water to the bottom half of the bottle. Make sure that the string is in the water.









Step Eight:

   Place in the sun to watch it grow.


 With this planter you do not even need to water it until the water is partially gone so this is made for people who struggle to take care of their plants. Hopefully this can help you reduce your waste  and make your house greener.

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