District prepares for days off of school

School is unpredictable. Almost everyone knows the feeling of walking into class, only to learn there is a test that period, or of leaving a paper at home on the day it is due. One thing that you can count on every year, however, is the fact that there will be those amazing random days off school.  

   Many students do not know the reason that they have a free day every once in awhile. The cause of these days range from teacher development to holidays you might forget about, like Labor Day. Some of these days will be coming up soon, so one might want to know why and when these off-days will be occurring.

  The last free day was October 20th, last Friday. This is not only in the Hilliard City Schools District as many of our free days are- it is a Central Ohio Inservice Day sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education. After that is a Professional Learning Waiver Day for the teachers, on November 7th. There will be another one of these days on May 8th.

  The final free day in the upcoming months will be the Wednesday that starts Thanksgiving break, which is technically not assigned off for Thanksgiving, but for a Parent Teacher Conference Day. February 16th is also assigned as a day off for Parent Teacher Conferences.

  No matter what the occasion, students like Sophomore Spencer Upton appreciate these quick breaks from school.

“It gives me a chance to get to do things with friends I wouldn’t normally get to do,” said Upton, “[If not], I would get to spend the whole day with my family.”

  This love for the days off school is not only echoed in Darby, but all across Hilliard and the rest of the country.

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