Devitt takes her skills to direct “Fame Junior” at Heritage

The Capstone Project “Fame Junior” by Heritage Middle School. On 02/23/17

This year, Senior Capstone is not only for the Seniors. Some Juniors have started this project with great ideas, and now the Capstone project is for Juniors too. Junior Shannon Devitt is already working on her capstone project as an Assistant Director to The Heritage Middle School’s production of “Fame Junior” and the Hilliard Arts Council’s production of the “Jungle Book (kid’s edition)”.

Backstage of “Fame Junior” by Heritage Middle School on 02/23/17

Assistant Director Devitt helps the director with blocking on stage, calling lines, and working one on one with each student.

“I oversaw a lot of the production on stage and behind to help them feel more confident and proud” Devitt explained.

The Capstone Project “Fame Junior” by Heritage Middle School on 02/23/17

Devitt combined both of her passions that is theater and teaching into one project. She has been a part of Academy EDU, an education program at the ILC, and has been part of the Darby Theatre since her freshman year.

“I got the idea by thinking about what I could do outside the box and combine both of my passions” Devitt recalled.

“Fame Junior” by Heritage Middle School on 02/23/17

Everyone is excited to graduate and a big part of that is to create a project that can help them in the future, and Devitt explained how she feels about this huge project.

“It was a lot of fun for me and I absolutely love working with middle school students since that’s where my main focus will lie in the future” Devitt explained, “I think if you just pursue something that is your passion and that will actually help, but is also fun to do then it’s the perfect job for you.”

Devitt plans on majoring in Early Childhood Education and have a minor in Theater. She hopes pursue her dream at Bowling Green State University.

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