Debatable: what is the best Halloween candy?

Once a year, kids go house to house in their neighborhoods looking to receive some of their favorite candy and avoid the houses handing out raisins. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend around 2.7 billion dollars on Halloween candy this year. Everyone seems to have some sort of candy that they prefer during the Halloween season.

   Not only are Reese’s the best candy to receive on Halloween, but they are also the best candy to eat year round. The original Reese’s is delicious, but the holiday versions are even better. There are Christmas tree, egg, bat, and pumpkin shaped Reese’s all made specially for the holidays. These special versions are packed with even more of the delicious peanut butter filling and are the most satisfying candy to eat by far.

  There is a reason that everyone’s favorite candy seems the be the delicious peanut butter and chocolate Reese’s: the amazing and savory flavor. Unlike candy like Laffy Taffy, Reese’s do not hurt your teeth at all, and they are not as controversial as candy corn. It seems like almost everyone enjoys eating Reese’s.

  Of course I am not the only one who prefers Reese’s to most other candies. According to, Reese’s alone generated $398.9 million in sales, second to only M&Ms which brought in $406.7 million. Reese’s are super easy to obtain outside of Halloween because they are found practically everywhere and come in many different 

sizes. For Halloween, not only do you have the shapes mentioned above, but there 

are also mini Reese’s packaged in gold and purple for the season.

The candy is so popular that it has spawned variations like Reese’s Pieces (which are famous for being in the movie E.T.), as well as Reese’s ice cream and cake. In a poll that was conducted by the Panther Press twitter, responders strongly preferred Reese’s to both Twix and Snickers.No one can seem to get enough of the mouthwatering candy.



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