Darby’s struggle to succeed

Darby’s football team’s success is slowing down after week five. For the last two school years Darby’s football team’s record has been below .500 after five games. Recently Bradley and Jerome handed the panthers two tough losses. They lost 21-7 to Bradley and 21-0 to Jerome, although the score of the Jerome game did not accurately show how the game went. Darby dominated the majority of the game but suffered because of careless mistakes leading to turnovers.

  Darby was able to bounce back against Mount Vernon to put them at .500 going into week seven. In that game, Darby’s offense scored over 30 points for the first time this season. Darby was able to do this without their starting quarterback Henry Sopko and missing a total of five running backs: Kris Day, Tony Santos, Clint Barnett, Frankie Sopko, and Malachi McGill. The reason for the offensive struggle is simply because of the injuries.

  Fullback and linebacker Grant Hollinger shared his thoughts about his injured teammates.

   “It’s hard to see my teammates go down but the coaches emphasize on next man up and those guys have been stepping up lately,” Hollinger said.

  Darby has players moving left and right and learning different positions to make it easier to run the offense and prevent mistakes. Also, the timing with the quarterback and running back is not automatic because the quarterback has a new guy every week. This is one of the reasons the team has struggled to put up points. However, this team is starting to come together and if they beat Thomas Worthington Friday they should  be looking at a spot in the playoffs.

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