Darby’s Orchestra had “A Story To Tell”

Darby’s orchestra had “A Story To Tell” and tell they did. On May 14th Darby Orchestra had their last concert of the 2017-2018 school year. It was entitled “A Story To Tell”. There were a few songs that the audience recognized as popular theme songs from well-known movies and some elegant orchestral songs.

There are four Orchestras and each one got to play three songs each. The first out was the Concert Orchestra. They played simple but joyful songs like “Forever Joyful!”. The piece was followed by immense applause and smiling faces.

The next band was the Symphony B Orchestra. They played “The Incredibles” (Main Theme) and it was fitting as the highly anticipated and long awaited sequel approaches. They also played Music from “Titanic” which was beautiful and a perfect fit for this Orchestra.
With every Orchestra that came on stage the bar was raised from the last one, which is exactly what the Symphony A Orchestra did. Their last song was “Kashmir”, with Mr. Nick James on percussion which added something to the orchestra that none other had. It certainly was an intense song.

The last Orchestra was the Chamber Orchestra that had most of the seniors in it. They played two Concertos which featured soloists. “Concerto in D Major for Viola and Orchestra, Op. 1: Allegro non troppo” featured senior Avedis Escandon.
Avedis explained the complexity of their first piece.

“I’ve been working on it for over a year, it’s a beautiful piece but very complex but I love it. It’s not just a solo and an orchestra it’s two bodies speaking to each other, and it’s not very easy. But it felt wonderful to play it and so much fun, it was a great experience,” Escandon shared. Avedis is attending Baldwin Wallace to study Viola performance and music education. The second concerto, “Concerto in e Minor for a Violin and Orchestra, Op. 64: Allegro molto appassionato”, featured senior Anna Wallace who always puts on an amazing performance. The seniors were then recognized and a few received awards, this part of the Concert was emotional especially for the seniors. Then they went out with “Marche Slav (Slavonic March), Op. 31”.

The Concert was a success and all who were involved should be surprised. A big round of applause for all those who participated and Mr. Riegel for put on a wonderful show.

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