Darby Volleyball Takes Another Dub Against Delaware Pacers

On Thursday afternoon at 5:30, April 19th, the Varsity Boys Volleyball team takes another win this season. Darby went against Delaware Hayes, Pacers. The game went to three sets all with huge score gaps. Sadly, the student section lacked of student support. However there was some support from the freshman and Junior Varsity team.

The first set of the game started very quickly gaining a quick lead of 11-8. Sophomore,outside hitter, Adam Ansel, hits straight down the line, which separates the score even more to 19-10. The Delaware Pacers made an overpass setting up the ball perfectly for junior, middle hitter, Dominic Melchiorre, to hit the ball straight back down. Another great play was made by senior, outside hitter, Collin Buelow, who smartly played the ball right into the block rebounding out of the court. More smart plays were made like sophomore, right side hitter, Griffin Hart, split the blocks and hit cross court. The final play of the set was an amazing cross court hit made by outside hitter, Ansel ending the game 25-18 in Darby’s favor.

The second set of the match was also a fast win especially with Junior libero Nick Hermosilla’s on point serves. He served the Pacers nine consistent serves to bring the game to 13-2. More amazing serves were made by Junior defensive specialist Drew Geise, whose serve dripped over the net surprising the other team. An easy execution made by Sophomore outside hitter Michael Beard got a free ball kill based on miscommunication from the other team. Coming close to the end of the set right side hitter, Hart finishes the game with a wild hit. Ending the second set with a score of 25-9.

The third set began and right off the bat was an ace made by defensive specialist, Geise. Senior, outside hitter, Drew Dickmann plays well hitting hard at the opponent. He thinks that the team played very well.

“Our team played ice cold with minimized mistakes to the point where we got creative and fun with our line up late in the game,” Dickmann said.

Finishing the whole game was sophomore, middle hitter, Jare Bear Kish, making the winning kill.

The boys team set high goals to for their on going season they want to be OCC champions and go to States. See them play next Dublin Jerome.

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