Darby Theatre’s Senior Cabaret is the final bow for many

Theatre seniors performed for the last time on the Darby stage in the Senior Cabaret Tuesday night. The theme was “Miscast”, in which everyone was encouraged to sing a song from a role that they could never get, like a women singing a man’s song. The May 17th event was free for everyone and started at seven.

The trio made costumes and brought Pokeballs for this act.

The tone of the night was set with Matthew Connell, Ben Jones, and Ryan Untch’s interpretation of “It Will All Be Mine” from Pokémon Live! They jumped around the stage as a Pokémon meme was projected behind them. This was also a start to the miscast theme, with Connell in high heels for the role.

Hill and Krumpe during “You, Me, and Mostly Me”.


   The act was followed by Sarah Krumpe, who performed many times throughout the night. She began a heartfelt ballad, “Breathe,” from In the Heights. Later, with best friend Christian Hill, she sang “You and Me, and mostly Me” from The Book of Mormon. Her final bow was with Hairspray’s “I Can Hear the Bells.” Earlier in the year, Krumpe auditioned for the lead in Hairspray, but unfortunately didn’t get the role. She explained before the song that this was a type of revenge for her.

Schoeff with “I’m Not that Girl”.

Rachel Schoeff’s “I’m Not that Girl” from Wicked captivated the audience.

Juniors were also allowed to perform if they were accompanying a senior friend or the Master of Ceremonies, who was Kathryn McCarty.

Baver and Untch after ripping their costumes off in their tribute to George Michael.

   One of the most notable acts of the night was between Ryan Untch and Junior Kendall Baver. In last year’s spring musical, Into the Woods, they played prince brothers. They came out onto the stage in their costumes, reciting their lines from the actual show. But, instead of breaking out into the expected “Agony” from the show, they sang George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” stripping off the royal costume to reveal suits.

Untch explained the reason for picking this act.

“It is what we’re most known for on the stage, and doing this throwback is really fun. [“Careless Whisper”] fit really well with the emotion of the scene. Its also a memorial to him because he died last year,” Untch said.

   Ben Jones then took the stage alone, in an acapella of “The Impossible Dream” from Man La Mancha.

Jones was expectantly brought onto stage during Crowley’s song.

Cara Crowley, who is traditionally not seen on stage, but backstage, sang another song from The Book of Mormon. During her “I Believe,” where she was in costume as Elder Price, she brought on Ben Jones to drag across the stage.

   Christian Hill started his two solos off with “Freeze Your Brain” from Heathers: The Musical. He also sang in a miscast “A Way Back To Then” from [Title of Show], which is usually sung by a female character. He explained how [Title of Show] was his first starring role at Darby and singing a song from it for his last time on stage was pretty cool.

Hill during the throwback to his sophomore year.

Fox in her Jean Valjean costume.

Another senior who is typically not seen on the stage because she is usually under the stage as an oboist, was Rachael Fox. She performed as Jean Valjean from Les Miserables with “Who am I?”. She was another to come out in a costume, but leave without it when she ripped off her Victorian jacket and ran off stage.

Connell and Jones during their duet.

   Matthew Connell returned to the stage with a rap, “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al Yankovic. He was then joined by Ben Jones to perform “If You Were Gay” from Avenue Q.

Connell enjoyed how his final performances were more fun than anything else.

“The performances were really fun!” he explained, “I did a lot of miscasting. I was two women, a puppet, and a rapper. I’m really glad I got to go out with my high heels on,” Connel expressed.

   The night was capped of by duet Matthew Connell as Sandy and Rachael Fox as Danny with “You Are the One I Want”  from Grease. They were also accompanied by previous performers as back up vocals. Everyone’s favorite part of this act was probably the costumes. Connell was in full feminine make up, a big blonde wig, skinny jeans, and in heels for the second time that night. Fox had a drawn on beard, a backwards hat, and carried a Darby varsity jacket over her shoulder.

Every performer was on stage for the final act.

   Fox hasn’t performed on the stage since her freshman year as a chorus member in Fiddler on the Roof, and thought this last opportunity was amazing to be a part of and watch.

“My favorite part was honestly watching everybody because some people who may have had smaller roles or roles that they would normally not want it was really cool to do what they want and want to show off in ways they may not be able to in a regular show,” Fox elaborated.


Their passionate duet was followed by everyone’s final bow, which was an emotional moment for all involved.



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