Darby theatre’s fall show “The Mousetrap” captivates audience

Friday was a chilly night– perfect for a chilling murder mystery. Darby theatre’s production of “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie took place on November 11th and 12th. Starring Sarah Krumpe as Mollie Ralston, Nathan Moore as Giles Ralston, Justin Earley as Christopher Wren, Hannah Boyers as Mrs. Boyle, Kendall Baver as Major Metcalf, Joanie Shafer as Miss Casewell, Ben Jones as Mr. Paravicini, and Christian Hill as Detective Sergeant Trotter, this show left a lasting impact on the audience.

   This suspenseful show kept the audience guessing up until the end. The show began with a blackout and sounds of a struggle, which is assumed to end in a murder. Then the lights came up to reveal a charming guest house. Giles and Mollie Ralston, who had been married for only a year, had just opened a guesthouse called Monkswell Manor. As guests began to arrive, it became clear that the heavy snowfall would eventually snow them in.

  The owners and the guests of Monkswell Manor were in for a surprise when Detective Sergeant Trotter arrived on skis claiming there would be a murder

Photo By: Emily Betteridge

Photo By: Emily Betteridge

there unless he found the person connected to the Longridge farm case. Of course, sooner after he arrived, Mrs. Boyle wass killed. As Trotter questioned the remaining six, everyone seemed to be guilty.

  Overall, the Darby production of “The Mousetrap” was a great start to the theatre

season. The acting was fantastic and the amount of time and effort put into the show was obvious. Although some nerves were apparent, the show went on rather smoothly. The show ended with a standing ovation, leaving much to be expected from the upcoming shows.

  The troupe will be putting on two x-shows within the next two months, “The Scariest Play-Ever!” and “Check Please”. The winter musical will be “Return to the Forbidden Planet”and will be held during the last weekend of January.

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