Darby Theatre and the Hilliard community gather at Old Hilliardfest

Old Hilliardfest is an annual event that takes place on Main Street and the streets surrounding it  in Hilliard. Every year local food, businesses, and art vendors line the streets, along with games and activities for kids. During the festival they have live performers and musicians that anyone can enjoy. They also host the Run to Remember 5K, a tribute to the people who serve in uniform for their country.

  Old Hilliardfest started in 1986 as a small art show. Originally titled Old Hilliard Day, the event has grown from just a few vendors to a record breaking 150 vendors at last year’s festival. In the past few years so many vendors applied that the committee in charge of planning has had to start turning away some vendors. Every year the festival runs smoothly thanks to the many volunteers, including Darby Theatre.

  Senior Shannon Devitt shared what volunteering theatre did at Old Hilliardfest.

  “As a whole troupe we volunteered at Old Hilliardfest as we’ve done in the years past. Mainly we help run the kids game area and sell tickets,” Devitt explained.

  A big hit at Old Hilliardfest were the many food vendors at the festival. There were 21 different vendors lining Center Street, and Otie’s Tavern and Grill was packed the whole day with eager festival goers. There was also many local coffee shops and bakeries that had lines of people the whole day. If festival goers were looking for a way to cool down on the warm day they could be found at Maggie’s Concessions getting a cold ice cream cone.

  Old Hilliardfest had 83 different business and art vendors this year. Almost all the vendors were local, and were helping support and represent Hilliard.

  Gertie Detweiler has been a vendor at Hilliardfest for the past five years, she sells various Ohio State jewelry and decorations and appreciates how the festival brings many members of the community out.

  “It brings a lot of people out and it’s always a great festival…I already submitted my application [for next years festival],” Detweiler said.

  This year in total there were 104 different vendors stationed around Main Street for Old Hilliardfest. Thanks to the huge turnout of people the festival is sure to be even a bigger success next year than it was this year.

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