Darby Theater’s first show of the year was filled with talent

The Hilliard Darby Theater Troupe’s first show of the year, Jabberwock, was a huge success. With a cast and crew of 37, the students spent two months preparing for their performances on November 3rd and 4th.
The show centers around the Thurber’s, a middle class family of six living in Columbus, Ohio, during WWI. This true story about artist James Thurber was made into a play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee in 1972.
The story opens in the Thurber household when the family is awakened by noises downstairs. Most of them think it’s a burglar, but the youngest son Herman, played by Sophomore Jack Schnitzspahn, was convinced it was a ghost. Each of the characters face their own problems throughout the show. The father, Charlie, played by Sophomore Aaron Varghese, was set on adding electricity into their lives, whether it be with a new car or the addition of light bulbs to their house. While mother Mary Agnes, played by Senior Kathryn McCarty, had to juggle the lives of her family as well as trying to find a new maid.
McCarty, a veteran of the Darby theater, was very pleased with both performances.
“We were off book for a long time which made us really solid in our lines and I think overall [Jabberwock] was a fantastic run,” said McCarty.
The two act performance had it all with comic relief from Doc Marlowe, played by Sophomore Ben Medrano, a love story between Jamie and Georgiana Littlefield, played by Junior Valerie Barrera, and even a car that Charlie Thurber got to drive on stage.
Although on Saturday there were a few prop mistakes, the actors covered it well and were able to think on their feet and keep the scene going. The students all had great timing, making every joke in the show, that much funnier. Darby theater has a history of great sets but this one definitely falls near the top for one of their best set. The elaborate two level set was complete with staircases, doors, and furniture.

Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

Make sure to catch the rest of this talented theater troupes productions for the year. On November 10th and 11th students will be performing Game of Tiara’s in the X-Theatre. On February 2nd and 3rd the troupe will perform their winter main stage show, Charlotte’s Web. Finally this year’s spring musical, The Secret Garden, will be performed on April 27th, 28th, and 29th.

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