Darby Theater Troupe’s Performs Yet Another Stunning Show

The Darby Theatre Troupe executed their annual fall performance last Friday and Saturday evening. They performed the classic mystery by Agatha Christie, “And Then There Were None,” adding their own twists to the story. 

   The first scene was set in a summer’s evening. This is where we got to meet the cast as they all arrive to an island where they all have been invited to a party. The cast members each had unique characters to bring to the table. They were able to play their part with authentic foreign accents and personalities. After their introductions, the characters were stopped by an ominous voice that announced a different homicide each person had committed. Then Gage Trolinger, who played Anthony Marston, gave a stunning performance. He choked and died from poison in center stage, leaving the audience speechless. Slowly the night went on with more people dying off, leaving the second act with six people left on the island.

   The second act began the next day on the island later in the afternoon. One of the most surprising deaths was a sneaky one that was right in front of the audience without them even knowing. Katie Lason, who played Emily Brent, was sitting on stage, and while attention was set on someone else she was poisoned with a syringe and died silently on stage. 

   Another well played death was from Donovan Young, who played Lawrence Wargrave. The stage went black and all the audience could hear was a gunshot and a scream from Joanie Shafer, who portrayed Vera Claythorn; this made them very disoriented and wonder who was next. Once the lights came back on, the audience saw that Lawrence Wargrave was dead. This left the third act with only four characters.

   During intermission the crowd was able to vote for an ending. The choices were the original book ending or the play ending. Next the audience would anxiously wait to see what ending they got. 

   The third act was set on the same day that evening. Even though there were four characters left the audience wondered where the fourth person was. The audience later found out that the fourth person had died and there were only three left. Each one accused each other as the mad murderer who set the murderous island party up. Finally someone set up the last trap leaving only two left, Vera Claythorn and Philip Lombard, played by Jack Schnitzspahn. Vera launched to get his gun and shot him because she thought he was the murderer. However, as Vera weeped for Lombard, Lawrence Wargrave comes out and reveals himself. In this very intense scene, both the actor and actress gave a very good play performance acting how their characters would. Wargrave explains that he had invited everyone to the island because each person has gotten away with murder, so he chose to finish the job and make sure justice was served. The last scene was very heavy, showing the shadow of Vera hanging herself.

   The ending to each night to this play was based on the original book ending. The alternative play ending has Vera and Philip escaping the island together. This ending was created because the original writer, Agatha Christie, wanted to make a happier ending during World War II. The original ending was more popular amongst the theatre troupe because it was more accurate to the original. 

   “I always preferred the original ending,” Darby student attendant said, “I like it when adaptations are more accurate to their original source.”

   Overall, this play was very well done, with many great actors. The cast members of the play were able to bring their characters to life acting exactly how they were adapted from the book. 

   Many of the actors and actresses that played tonight were seniors. They loved the little fun moments of theater that made it special.

   “It’s those sorts of little idiosyncrasies that make theatre the wonderful medium that it is, and I’m glad to be a continuing part of Darby’s theatre troupe and community,” said Senior actor, Jack Schnitzspahn.

   After watching the play some advice to the actors and actresses is projecting their voices. 

   “I would say being louder. That is always a note to give it your all, deliver that good show to the audience.” Said Associate Director, Craig Lohmann.

   Thank you to the theater troupe for performing so well; we can’t wait for more.