Darby Symphonic choir sends off there Seniors

On Thursday, May 18th Symphonic Choir said goodbye to their seniors with their annual Farewell concert. Soloists and ensembles took the audience’s breath away with their creativity and talent. Next, no one had a dry eye during the senior slideshow. Then the choir took the stage and performed their pieces. The concert closed with the Senior sendoff and the robing ceremony.

  Starting the concert off was Nathan Travis, who sang and played the guitar to Walk With You, an original song. This song was dedicated to his grandfather, and he poured his heart out into it. Next on the stage was soloist Lauren Taylor, who sang For You, and original song dedicated to the Symphonic Choir.

  “I wrote this song a few months ago about the choir and all it’s meant to me the past four years,” Taylor told the audience.

  The touching lyrics paired with her voice let the audience know how much she really cares. The next act to take the stage was Elise Gebhart, who sang, and Matt Newman, who played the piano to the song In My Life by the Beatles. Then Christian Hill came on stage and sang Run Away With Me, a song he had previously used for his college auditions. Continuing the Broadway theme was a small ensemble singing Seasons of Love from Rent. The group dedicated it to their middle school choir director Mrs. Hodgeson, who originally taught them the song. Next was Frankie Oster who sang the version of Valerie by Amy Winehouse. Her voice fit very nicely with the song, and you could tell she was into it. Ending the solo and ensemble portion of the concert was a group called the Kazoona Voce. They played a song that the choir had previously sang called Daemon Irrepit Callidus all on the kazoo. This fun idea added a light hearted mood to the concert.

  The next portion of the concert was the slideshow presentation. Each graduating senior’s picture was presented with their future plans. After the all of the senior pictures, a collage of pictures of the whole choir throughout the year was showed.

  After the slideshows, the Symphonic choir took the stage. Their first song was Bridge Over Troubled Water by Paul Simon and soloists Matt Newman and Bernadette John sang. The next song was There Will Be Rest by Frank Ticheli. This song was student conducted by Will Patton. Every year the choir department gives opportunities for any senior who wants to go on into music to direct a piece with the choir. Then the choir sang Send in the Clowns by Stephen Sondheim, with student accompanist Kyle Turner. Lastly, they sang The Road Home by Stephen Paulus and had soloist Rachael Fox.

  Next in the concert was the officer presentations. Each choir officer gave a speech about what Symphonic choir has meant to them. Each speech shared personal connections to the group and how much choir has changed their lives for the better.

  Ending the concert was the Senior sendoff and the Robing Ceremony. The Symphonic choir sang Come to the Water by John Foley while the seniors stepped off the risers one by one and left the stage. They went into the audience and hugged their friends and families. Then they lined up as the song ended, and each Senior came up to the microphone and announced who they would be robing. Then the person who was being robed came up and got a flower. The Senior took off their robe and put it on the other, and then the Senior got the flower. The joining members of Symphonic choir were the ones who were robed. After the exchange, the two went back on the risers. Once everyone was robed, they sang the Darby High School Alma Mater.

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