Darby Symphonic Choir performs with OSU Choir

Darby Symphonic Choir was invited to perform with the OSU Glee Club and Symphonic Choir by the Choir directors at the Ohio State University on Sunday, February 19th at 3:00 pm in Weigel Hall, and the performance lasted for around an hour.

  Hannah Sterman, assistant director of choir, elaborated on all the hard work the Symphonic Choir put into preparation for their big performance with the OSU Choirs.

  “We prepared our own pieces in class……we also learned the notes and rhythms of songs and trying to connect the music with the audience,” Sterman recounted.

  The songs performed by the choirs varied greatly from in the some in the English language to even two in Latin and German, while others were written during the Renaissance time period. One of the pieces sung was Vaughan Williams’s Five Mystical Songs.

  Sterman was happy with the way the event went, and thought it was a great opportunity for exposure to various kinds of music while learning from the college level choirs.

  “[The performance] went pretty well and it was a nice day overall…We got to listen to a wide range of music,” Sterman explained, “[Symphonic Choir] did a nice job, and I think they had a good time with it, especially when the women got to sing with the Women’s Glee Club.”

  Darby’s Symphonic Choirs also had the chance to sing a piece with the OSU Choirs, and they found out just 48 hours before the big day. This piece stood out the most, and was one of the best experiences of the day.

  Darby Men’s Choir, made up of Concert and Symphonic Choir vocalists, will be performing with OSU Men’s Glee Club again on Sunday, March 5th at 3:00 pm.

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