Darby Swim had a great start to their season

Darby Swim had a great start to their season on Saturday, December 9th. Although they didn’t come out with an overall victory, they really showed off some of the individual talents on the team.

The Varsity girl’s medley relay including Senior Taylor Leone, Senior Lexi McDonald, Sophomore Isa Quimba, and Freshman Natalie Wood won with a time of 1:55.33. They also won the freestyle relay with a time of 1:46.21.

The varsity boy’s medley relay including Senior Riley Brokaw, Senior Kendall Jones, Junior Maaz Baig, and Freshman Braden Bower finished second with a time of 1:50.27.

Freshman Natalie Wood won the 200-yard freestyle with a 2:14.01, Kenzie Stellrecht got second, and Ariana Spina came in fourth for the girls. Freshman Braden Bower came in second for the boy’s in the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 2:03.19.

In the girl’s 200 yard medley, Senior Lexi McDonald won with a time of 2:16.23, and Senior Kendall Jones was first with a time of 2:15.73 for the boys. Freshman Malik Tarazi came in third as well.

Sophomore Isa Quimba came in second in the 100-meter butterfly with a time of 1:05.56.

The freshmen had a great debut to their season in the 500-meter freestyle. Wood came in first with a time of 5:47.58 for the girls. Bower also came in first with an impressive win for the boy’s with a time of 5:31.40, beating second place by over a minute. Although he came out with a win, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

“The win felt nice, but the time did not, so I will use the time we have to work harder and strive for a personal best,” Bower said.

It is just the beginning for Darby Swim this year, and they are hoping for another very successful season. Come out and support team at their next meet on Saturday the 16th at OSU.

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