Darby students tackle testing

April is the biggest month of standardized testing for Darby students. The Ohio Standardized Test (AIR test) was taken by students, mostly underclassmen, enrolled in classes such as English 9 and 10, Algebra 1 and Geometry, Government, and Biology. Darby students were required to take these tests on their iPads instead of paper for the first time.

Standardized testing previously has always been done on paper, but due to the advancement of technology, testing has moved online. Every student at Darby has an iPad, making online testing possible. The test is done through an app called AIR Secure Testing, which blocks the iPad from using any other app while testing, thus preventing cheating.

Testing began on Monday, April 3rd, with the English Language Arts (ELA) part 1 End of Course Assessment. All students in English 9 or 10 (including honors and LEAP 9 and 10) were required to take this test. The second part of the ELA test took place on Tuesday April 4th.

The next batch of tests took place on Wednesday April 5th and Thursday April 6th. The Algebra 1 and Geometry End of Course Assessments were required for students enrolled in Algebra 1, Geometry, or GAC 2.

Ending the week was the Biology parts 1 and 2 test and the U.S. Government test for Juniors. These two tests took longer than expected- ending at 10:30 rather than 9:40- and caused students to miss first period and the majority of second period.

The next testing day is on Wednesday April 19th. Almost everyone at Darby will be taking some sort of test on this date. All Freshman will be taking the Pre-ACT. This test is meant to help expose students to a ACT test early on. The next test is for most Sophomores. They will be taking both parts of the U.S. History End of Course Assessment. All Juniors will be taking the ACT. Lastly, almost all Seniors will be taking the U.S. Government part 1 and 2 End of Course Assessment.

Although most students do not like testing due to the stress it causes, it is a necessary evil. There is one good thing about testing though- it signifies the end of the school year.

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