Darby students get excited for prom with a spirit week

Twice a year the students of Hilliard Darby dress up in fun outfits in order to show off their school spirit. The first week is for Homecoming in the fall, and the second is the week leading up to Prom. Even though the dance is just for upperclassmen, all grades are invited to participate.

  On Monday, the tradition continued and students came to school in their comfiest pair of 


pajamas. Most people sported PJ pants and an oversized t-shirt, although some pulled out their winter footy pajamas, despite the warm weather.

  During lunch, the Junior Class Cabinet played music and hosted a mini lip-synch battle. Junior spirit leader Noah Adams and junior Jack Dewolfe performed a duet to “Return of the Mack”

  On Tuesday, the halls were filled with leis and floral patterns in honor of Hawaiian/Tourist Day. The typical outfit consisted of a floral shirt, khakis, a fanny pack, and a lei. This is always a fun day as it is one of few days out of the year where students can wear their most colorful Hawaiian shirts.

  In spirit of the theme, Tuesday’s lunch time activity was limbo and tropical bowling, with the winners earning prizes.

  Another classic spirit week theme is Jersey Day, which is usually on Thursday. However, this year, it was moved to Wednesday, so on the third day of the week, students got to support their favorite team at school. For both Homecoming and Prom spirit week, this theme has some of the best participation. Most people have some sort of jersey lying around, and if they don’t, most people have a parent, guardian, sibling, or friend that can lend them one.

  On Wednesday, students had the opportunity to show off their arm with a football throw contest, where students won candy if they had a good enough throw.


Jersey Day was moved forward in order to have a true Throwback Thursday. Students came in their clothes from a range of decades, with the most popular being the 80’s. From

 the bell bottoms to the sweatbands to the leg warmers, some of the teachers might have felt like they were back inhigh school on Thursday.


The Thursday activity was highly anticipated, as students competed against each other in Just Dance. Although the first Just Dance was not released until 2009, this is still a throwback for Darby’s student body.

   Friday’s theme was Darby spirit wear or Panther Pride. However, this was also the day of the academic achievement recognition ceremony so lots of students were dressed up for that instead.

  The final lunchtime activity was Mario Kart.

   Prom spirit week was a success, as it helped everyone get excited for the big dance over the weekend. Even if you are an underclassmen who will not attend Prom this year, spirit weeks are a fun way to show off your Panther Pride and get involved in life at Darby.