Darby softball crushes Thomas Worthington

The Darby Varsity Softball team owned the field when they played the Thomas Worthington Cardinals. On April 30th the Panther brought home a win with the score 19-1.
The first inning started off as a rough one with the Cards taking their only run of the game and the Panthers getting three outs before they could run the bases. However, in the second inning number 3 Brianna Pizzurro caught a fly ball getting the first out of the second inning. After that, the other two outs came pretty quickly.

To start off batting for the Panthers, number 6 Sydney McCreery hit a double and her courtesy runner, number 8 Grace Hill, stole third. Number 21 Payton Senter hit a double, bringing number 9 Madi Lightfoot home, ending the second inning 2-1.

The Cards fumbled the ball multiple times throughout the game. Number 12 Makayla Kessel hits a bunt ball and the pitcher fumbled and she ran to first. McCreery up to bat again hit a line drive to let field which was caught and sent Kessel and Pizzurro home. Ending the third inning 4-1.

The third inning is what brought the Panthers home with a win. Number 10, pitcher, Jordyn Anderson, struck three batters out almost immediately and the Panthers took to bat. Senter hit a double sending number 11 Hannah Hutchinson and number 7 Kaitlin Bowman home. Pizzurro hit a triple and got two batters home. Bowman hit a triple and one batter runs home. Tegan Cortelletti hit a double and Senter runs home. Cortelletti and Pizzurro both hit a homerun bringing it to 18-1.

B At the fifth inning Darby called a run-ahead because they were ahead by more than 10 runs when they got to the fifth inning. So in only four innings Darby won 18-1.
Madison Lightfoot expressed her feelings on their amazing win.

“It is awesome to have a score that high because it shows that we can hit the ball and were a good, solid team. But at the same time it is nice to have some competition, but it’s always fun to win” said Lightfoot.

Their next game is Friday, May 4th at Darby against Westerville Central.

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