Darby Senior Thrower Emma Kowalski reflects on her throwing career.

Since her freshman year, Emma Kowalski has been dominating the throwing world. She has attended multiple invitationals, outdoor and indoor states, and New Balance Nationals in New York. 

     Her journey began with 7th-grade track, throwing the shot and discus. As she got into high school she continued to master the other components of throwing by starting the hammer and weight. As accomplished as Emma is she has had to put in the hard work to get here. She had to give countless hours of work in and outside of normal practice. 

   “My season this year technically started in July,” Kowalski said. “I have not been able to work with [Coach] Fox the entire time, but I was able to work with a couple of my teammates and we would train together. We trained like this up until the end of Cross Country season (October/November) where we actually were able to get in the weight room and have coach structured practice.”

    Most importantly to get where she is now she has had to be coachable. 

    Matt Fox, Emma’s throwing coach, says Emma is unique compared to other throwers because even though she has achieved much she still wants to improve. 

   “She is constantly working to be better, learn more, do more, and compete in all aspects of her life. Her care makes her coachable, willing to overcome obstacles, and make changes even when she has already accomplished so much,” Fox stated. “She cares about growing as an athlete and as a person.”

  Before COVID-19 Emma had been working with her coach to prepare for the upcoming season. Coach Fox says they have been focused on goals and how they can perfect her form.

    “We are breaking down her form and making some adjustments for her to compete at an all-American level.  She competed at nationals in two events last spring. From that time we created a list of over 20 goals that she had, then worked together to put in an action plan on how to reach those goals,” Fox said.

     It is one thing to be a talented well-achieved athlete, it is another thing to be a leader to the other throwers in a program. Emma has been able to be that leader for others. 

     “Emma takes the time to teach younger throwers from our team and even other teams how the sport works,” Fox exclaimed. “I am continually impressed with just how much she cares about the sport, about others, and genuinely puts effort into growing other’s dreams as well as her own. Our continued success is directly related to Emma’s effort in being a leader of all athletes.” 

     As this season will be her last, Emma reflected on her accomplishments and what she would miss the most. 

    “I do not know if I could pick just one thing I am most proud of. I have had the opportunity to stand on the state podium 12 times and go to nationals 5 times and couldn’t be more proud of those accomplishments,” Kowalski said. “ The moment in my track career that I am most proud of was competing at Fulton Relays at Lancaster my freshman year. It was my first official meet throwing all three events.” 

   After high school, Emma plans to continue throwing for Boston University. 

“I am so excited about everything when it comes to Boston. I knew that was where I meant to be before I was an hour into my visit. I am very excited to meet and get to know all of my teammates,” Kowalski exclaimed.  

   With the cancellation of schools for the remainder of the academic year, Emma will not get the opportunity to complete her in the last season of Track. Even though we won’t get to see her throw this year, her legacy will still live on at Darby.

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