Darby Remembers Parkland Students

On March 14th, schools across the nation participated in a walkout to honor the victims of the Parkland school shooting or protest against gun laws.Since then, the surviving students of Douglas High and students throughout America have become devoted to making sure this will be the last mass school shooting.

The Darby Youth Empowerment Committee organized a remembrance event to be at 10:00 am. Students and staff had the opportunity to go down to the gym, then walk out to the football field to honor the victims and show unity. In the gym, the choir sang while we walked through a lit table of 17 candles with the names of the victims next to each one. When they got to the stadium, they were arranged into a giant heart and listened to a speech prepared by Senior Bailey Culp. They then had the bell ring 17 times. Afterwards, we were released back to class and continued our regular periods throughout the day.

It is important to show unity and support the people in your community, but for matters like these we still have a long way to go. We need to pay attention to what is happening around us and be reaching out to someone who might need a friend. The majority of the school chose not to participate, with only about 200 students attending. Some students might not have agreed with the ceremony or just wanted to stay in class.

Hopefully one day we will not have to organize events like these, but until then we have to let our voices be heard and speak our mind. The younger generation can inspire others and should, because any of us might be in charge one day.

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