Darby participates in volunteering activities

The season of giving is here, and what better way to celebrate that than to help volunteer? Clubs at Darby are working hard to help those who are not so fortunate enjoy their Thanksgiving by participating in many events happening in Columbus.

National Honor Society students went to Easterseals to participate in the Turkey Trot turkey stuffing event. Easterseals is a foundation that helps children with unidentified disabilities who cannot keep up in school get the treatment and knowledge they need, which is an important cause that is rarely focused on. While the actual trot, a 5-mile run or 2.5-mile walk, is on Thanksgiving morning, the students were put into assembly lines to finish turkey stuffing for this event as efficiently as possible. After the stuffing, the students were awarded pizza for their hard work.

Junior Noureen Hoq participated in the fun event.

β€œDuring the stuffing, some hard rock music was playing over the speakers and it was pretty epic,” Hoq exclaimed, β€œIt may or may not have made us work even faster.”

Also coming up for NHS is the canned food drive, which will be held in the library at Darby. Students helping out are excited as the anticipation of getting a prize for bringing in the most canned food rises, and the fact that nobody knows what it is. Remember to bring in your canned food to help out and give back to the community!

Lastly, Key Club volunteered for the annual Hot Chocolate Run. While they did not participate in the run, they helped by passing out hot chocolate and water to those who did. After the event, they received their own jackets!

Make sure to help your community this holiday season!

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