Darby is raising money for a new weightroom

The athletic directors and administrators here at Darby are raising money to build a brand new weight room right outside of the school. The new room will be constructed in order to ensure safer lifting and training practices for student athletes throughout their high school careers. Darby’s sister schools, Bradley and Davidson, both have newer, larger weight rooms, but Darby still uses the original weight room built in the school.

  Mr. Olsheski, one of the assistant principals, provided more information about the need for the new weight room.

  “Our school has had the same weight room since the school opened…I worked out in the same weight room with the same equipment as you guys,” he explained.

  He also discussed the issue with the size of the current room due to the fact that it does not provide enough space for student athletes to safely work out. He added that even just a size upgrade to the current facility is greatly needed. The new weight room aims to provide optimal room to train and learn, which will make it more functional. It will also make it easier to allow more health related classes to be conducted at one time with updated, more effective equipment.

  “I feel that it’s good for everybody. We’re starting to get more class options in the health world…and I know that every year we’re going to look to add more, and the more room and equipment we have, the more we can do with that,” he concluded.

  As the school adds more health and fitness classes to its curriculum, the weight room becomes less and less efficient. Many staff members are frustrated due to the lack of space to hold their classes and perform workouts. They hope that the new weight room can make working out more productive and effective for everyone who uses it.

  Darby students are excited about the new weight room changes as well. Darby has had the same weight room since its opening in 1997, making it the most outdated weight room in the district. Both Bradley and Davidson have upgraded, with more spacious facilities and equipment. The most recent of these upgrades occured at Davidson, who constructed a separate building on its north side to function as their weight room and training facility. Darby’s new facility will mimic that of Davidson’s and will feature a much larger area to lift and train. Not only will this help more teams to have access to the weight room at one 

time, it will also make the weight room safer and easier to use for students at Darby.

  Students who frequently use the weight room, such as multi-sport athletes and 

those who take fitness classes, like Strength and Conditioning, are most affected by the poor quality of the current weight room. Junior, Emma Kowalski, is one example of a student who is affected by the current conditions of the Darby training facility. Kowalski uses the weight room every other day while she is in season for both indoor and outdoor track and field. Although Kowalski doesn’t have many major issues with the current training facility, she does think that there could be some improvements.

  “I don’t mind the weight room, but there’s nowhere near enough space to fit a whole team in there.” Kowalski stated, “It’s hard to get things done without interfering with another group.”

  Many other students also share Kowalski’s concern, that there just isn’t enough room in the current weight room for large groups of students at a time. Kowalski also brought up another point about the current weight room that she hopes to see improved in the new facility.

  “I hope that [the new weight room] is slightly more organized. Everything is currently all over the place and not conveniently located,” Kowalski added.

  Kowalski is just one of many students who hopes to see some big improvements to the facilities at Darby with the construction of this new weight room. With the Darby staff and members of the community volunteering their time to the project through funding and planning, Darby students should see construction start on a new and improved facility in the near future. 

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