Darby Honors Ceremony

On Friday, April 13th, Darby held its annual Honors Ceremony. The ceremony recognized students who have received a 3.5 GPA or higher, and the top ten out of all the classes.

Students were arranged by seat to get called up to the stage and be gifted a certificate by Mrs. Brickley. Parents gathered in the seats behind the students to watch their children get honored for their academic achievements. The event lasted from 8:30am to 1:30pm with the seniors being first and freshman ceremony coming last. Lunch periods were not included so students did not have to miss their lunch.

The top ten of each class were called to the stage first, with the rest of the grade following in alphabetical order. Afterwards, students were given time to visit and take pictures with classmates or parents posing with their awards. The awards came in an orange folder and included a certificate and pin. The top ten students, along with a certificate, received a medal they could wear around their neck and a plaque. Durya Nadeem, who placed number one in the senior class, received a valedictorian plaque. Senior Jamie Walters received a salutatorian plaque for placing second in the class of 2018.

Noureen Hoq, who was apart of the top ten from the Junior class, reflects on her goals for next year.

“I thought it was completely surreal being in the top ten. It felt like all my hard work finally paid off, it was the best feeling.” Hoq exclaims. “Next year I’m hoping to maintain my rank and maybe even improve!”

First year honor students also received an Academic Letter for their achievements to recognize how hard they have worked and to motivate them for following years.

It is important to stay motivated and focus on your grades throughout your high school career, whether you were at the Awards Ceremony or not. Congratulations to our students who have shown dedication to their academics this year!

Top ten of the Junior class from left to right: Noureen Hoq, Mia Miller, Madison Clark, Annie Rauch, Stella Huang, Witty Kwok, Erin Miller, Parth Datar, Anthony Moussa

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