Darby High School Orchestra Concert

Heritage Middle School, along with Darby,  hosted a spaghetti dinner orchestra concert on Tuesday, October 2nd. The Symphony A and Chamber Orchestra groups played many beautiful classical music pieces that night. The Symphony A orchestra group played Rogue Rider by Doug Spata and A Maid in Bedlam by Atwell while the Chamber group played Gigue Fugue by J.S Bach arranged by Doan and Waltz No. 2 from Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra by Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

  The concert provided a spaghetti dinner for all guests to enjoy while they listened to  their loved ones play.They bought food tickets prior, but all guest could pay for pasta and dessert at the concert. The event was well decorated with all types of fall decor including fall leaf garlands, art pieces on the windows, and fall leaves on the table.

  Aryadna Ojeda, a Symphonic A orchestra member who plays the violin, discussed what her favorite piece she played was.

   “My favorite piece that I got to play for this concert was Rogue Rider by Doug Spata. It

was a lot of fun to play this piece because it was very moving, exhilarating, and upbeat. Playing the piece felt as if my peers and I were on a rollercoaster, captivating a story in every bow stroke” she explained.

  Rogue Rider by Doug Spata was a musical piece that was very well performed by all the students. Each student playing was engaged in the music and they poured their hearts into each note. Overall, the Rogue Rider piece was incredibly articulate and it was an amazing piece.

  Ojeda also spoke about what piece was the most challenging. She was quick to answer.

 “The most challenging piece was Rogue Rider because it took a lot of practice and rehearsal time for us to be in sync with the rhythm, and to learn to really pay attention to not only what we, as individuals were playing, but what everyone around us was playing,” she shared.

  Rita Johnson, a cello member of Chamber Orchestra, talked about why she joined Chamber Orchestra.

  “My freshman year, “I was in symphony (back when there was just 1) because that was my first year playing the cello. At the end of 9th grade, Mr. Riegel put me in Chamber because I had worked really hard and he had seen the level of growth in my playing,” she said.

  Johnson also mentioned what her favorite piece from the concert was and she promptly replied.

   “My favorite piece was Waltz No. 2 by Shostakovich. I really liked how the melody is passed from each section and allows the cello section to have position work.”

  Overall the orchestra performances were very well done and I encourage all of you to go to the next concert!

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