Darby finishes last home game of the season with an impressive win

This past Friday the Darby girls JV basketball team played their last regular season game at home against Thomas Worthington. After leading for most of the game, the score got close in the fourth quarter before the Panthers were able to pull out a victory. The final score was 39-32 after both teams played an impressive game.

  To start the game off, Thomas Worthington got the ball and made an easy layup before freshman guard Caroline Turner made a tough contested three. After putting on all of the stops defensively, Darby was able to keep the Cardinals in single digits in the first quarter. Darby’s defense forced Thomas Worthington to take the first time out of the game after just three minutes of play.

  After having a sizeable lead in the first quarter, the Panthers offense did not let up in the second quarter. The scoring was back and forth the entire quarter, but the Cardinals were able to claw themselves back into the game. Despite rallying late in the half, the Cardinals still trailed the Panthers 17-20 at halftime.

  The message in the Darby locker room was clear: play defense and stay positive.

  Freshman forward Allison Snyder said that they could not let up on such a tough team.

  “Our mindset at halftime was to try to stay positive even though it was a close game,” said Snyder, “We mainly focused on how to beat their defense and get some good shots up.”

  The third quarter started off slow with neither team scoring in the first three minutes of the half. At the end of the quarter, Freshman Cate Gearhiser grabbed an offensive rebound and laid the ball in which put the Panthers ahead 29-23 to end the quarter. The Cardinals were held to only six points in the quarter and were struggling offensively.

  After a very back and forth quarter, Thomas Worthington lead 32-31 with three minutes left on the clock. When things were starting to look grim for Darby, Freshman guard Gabby Simpson made the go-ahead shot and caused the other team to call a timeout with less than a minute left.

  After the timeout, both Gearhiser and Simpson were tasked with shooting free throws and neither disappointed. Darby pushed past Thomas Worthington for a 39-32 win.

  After the game, Snyder explained why it felt like such a big win for the team.

  “This game was definitely one to remember. It was our last game in our own home gym and we wanted to make sure we pulled out a win,” said Snyder.

  The Panthers will try to make a postseason push with their next game on Thursday, February 15th. It will be their third tournament game of the season.

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