Darby Dash crosses finish line on October 8th

The Cross Country team not only ran in their annual Darby Dash race on the morning of October 8th, the girls and boys also celebrated their senior night. Despite the cold weather, the girls won and the boys came in second. Among the seniors celebrating were Elise Gebhart and Taylor Ziessler.

  For Elise, this was her first year running cross country, and while she wished she ran all four years, she had a very memorable senior night and she was very excited for her race.

  “I do regret not running all four years, but [I was thinking about] all the achievements I’ve made so far and encouraging everyone else to do good today.” Gebhart said.

  Ziessler,on the other hand, is out with an injury, so while she got to participate in senior night, she wasn’t able to participate in the race following. She was still there to support and cheer on her team. Ziessler loved seeing her whole team together for senior night and seeing her poster hung up. Along with this, she enjoyed hearing things about her teammates as they walked.

  “I liked seeing where everyone wants to go to college and what they want to do in the future.” Taylor said.

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