Darby Choir sings one last chorus

As the school year comes to a close, concert season is in full swing. On Wednesday, May 16 the Darby Choirs came together to put on a lovely show.

   The Combined Women’s Chorus, which consists of The Women’s Chorus and The Women’s Chorale, kicked off the concert with “Ad Amore”. It was a startling beginning for anyone not paying attention as they were loud and no warning. It was an intense song but they did a good job. For the next song the Women’s Chorus left the stage, leaving Women’s Chorale to sing “Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier” which was slow and quiet which gave it chilling eeriness.

  The Women’s Chorale left the stage being replaced by Concert Choir who sang two songs. The first being “Same Train” which was a very upbeat and fun. It was a very staccato song that would have a few audience members bobbing their heads at the end. Their second song was “Sing Me to Heaven”. It was a quiet and slow song but it had a delicateness to it.

  The Women’s Chorale same back to the stage to sing a song called “Lilacs”. This song sounded like you were walking through a beautiful meadow of flowers. After that the Women’s Chorus joined them on stage again for a beautiful last piece about one’s journey and it got very emotional for the seniors when Mrs. Hannah Sterman-Wilson said, “even though our seniors are leaving to embark on their own journeys, we do not want them to forget that Darby Choir is their home”. The song was called “No Time” and certainly was emotional but also elegant.

  After the women left the stage the directors presented awards to the most outstanding male and female from each grade. The Junior winners were, Lauren Nobile, and next years Choir President, Jacob Mowell, and the Senior winners were Aubree McCurdy, and Ryan Cochran, all of which were voted by their classmates.

  Mowell explained what went into preparing for this concert.

  “When Concert Choir practices the Men’s Concert Choir and the Women’s Concert Choir practice separately, so we had only practiced combining them together three or four times, which even though we are doing the same piece it can still be a little awkward. And the Combined Men’s Chorus required after school rehearsals everyday for several weeks because the Concert Choir and Symphonic Choir do not have class together,” said Mowell.

  The Men’s Chorus took the stage last and sang a beautiful medley composed by Dr. Michael G. Martin in 1994 for the OSU Men’s Chorus, “Phantom of the Opera Medley”. As Phantom of the Opera is a musical with difficult songs the men did a splendid job. Ryan Cochran had a very big solo during the medley and he stole the show, there was so much talk about how amazing Cochran did from multiple audience members.

  The Darby Spring Choral Concert does not wrap things up for Darby Choir. They will be performing on Thursday, May 17t as they say goodbye to their seniors at the Farewell Concert.

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