Darby Choir shines again in their first concert of the year

Every year, the Darby Choir has three to four concerts. On October 9th and 10th, the choir held its annual supper with the singers. All six of the choir groups performed at both concerts in the Darby Commons.

  Der Dutchman catered the event, and people in the audience could eat plenty of food if they bought a $25 ticket before the concert. Audience members could eat a three course meal that included fried chicken, and pie, before the performance started.

  Concert Choir began at 7:00 and they performed two songs, one of which was accompanied by Nora Root, a Darby freshmen, who played the oboe. Women’s Choral performed second and they performed three songs of a wide variety. They performed the song Peze Kafe, which is a Haitian folk song. They also performed In You I Found, and Cantaras de mi Tierra which were both fantastic.

  Women’s Choral and the women from symphonic did a combined performance of one song.

  Nicole Logan, a junior in the symphonic choir, said that performance stood out the most to her, “Women’s Choral stood out to me because we did a combined piece as women’s chorus and we sang The Parting Glass which was also a powerful piece.”

  The next performance was by Men’s Chorus, and they sang two songs. One of them was titled Dry Bones, and was a standout song because it was accompanied by a dance performance, and was very engaging for the audience.

  The Michael G. Martin Choral sang two great songs, one of them a, Michael Jackson medley, that even the smallest Jackson fan would’ve enjoyed.

  The Symphonic Choir performed last, and they shined the brightest of all of the performing groups. Their first two songs, Lullaby, and Grace Before Sleep were both showstoppers. Great God Almighty was the final song of the night, and it was a very good way to end the performance. The piece was powerful and majestic, and handled very well by the students.

  Every group performed well, and the songs came off as extremely well rehearsed to the audience. Every member of the Hilliard Darby Choir should be proud following their performance in the Darby Commons.

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