Darby choir honors seniors at annual Farewell Concert

On Thursday, May 17, members of Darby Symphonic Choir hosted the annual Farewell Concert to send off their senior members as they graduate this coming Thursday, May 24. The concert is a choir tradition and is a way to honor the seniors and underclassmen who are being inducted into symphonic choir for next school year. Each senior was able to pass down their robe to an underclassman as they closed out their Darby Choir career, and as you can imagine, it got quite emotional.

  The night started off with a short speech from Principal Joyce Brickley. Brickley commended the students for all their hard work and wished them good luck in their futures. Afterwards, a few senior members of choir took the stage to perform a solo. Many of the seniors, like Jordyn Miller, Katie Fischer, Holly Wintering, and Aubree McCurdy chose slow and meaningful songs to commemorate their time in choir. One senior, Spencer Torok, chose to perform a song dedicated to his choir director, Dr. Michael Martin. The song was titled, “Martin,” by the Zac Brown Band.

  Next on the schedule was the senior slideshow, however, there were some technical difficulties that put things a little behind schedule. The delay didn’t faze the seniors though. They were eager to pass the time by telling jokes to the crowd and singing songs. After the issue was resolved, the slideshow played, covering all of the things choir had done this past school year and showing baby pictures of all of the senior choir members. It was clear that the Symphonic Choir members had become very close, as they cheered for their fellow classmates when their pictures came on the screen.

  Following a brief intermission, the Symphonic Choir took the stage for one final performance. They started off with an arrangement titled, “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho,” by Edwin Fissinger, followed by an arrangement titled “Hymn of the Eternal Flame,” by Stephen Paulus, featuring soloists Kayla Long and Aubree McCurdy. The third of the four songs that they performed, “Only in Sleep,” by Eriks Esenvalds was conducted by senior Kendal Baver and featured soloist, Summer Gasaway.

  Before the final song, the choir officers each gave a short speech about what choir meant to them over these past years at Darby. President of Symphonic Choir, senior Ryan Cochran, used his speech to thank Dr. Martin and congratulate the incoming Symphonic Choir members.

  “To the incoming members, pour your heart and soul and everything you’ve got into this program, because it is so fulfilling, and you won’t regret it. It won’t last long, so savor it and squeeze all you can out,” Cochran stated.

  Cochran also reflected on some of his favorite memories in choir. When asked what his most memorable moments from Darby choir were, Cochran responded,

  “The most memorable part about Choir is the people you meet, the bonds you make, and the music you create with them. Most of my closest friends come from Darby Choir, and they are the ones I will miss the most.”

  After the speeches, the seniors took the stage for on last song, “Come to the Water,” arranged by Dr. Martin. As the song went on, the seniors began to walk off the stage and meet with their families, who congratulated them with hugs as the song came to an end. It was a very emotional moment for the students and the parents as the seniors lined up to pass their robes down to the next generation of Symphonic Choir members. Each senior was able to robe at least one underclassmen during the ceremony. Often, the seniors would robe someone who was a close friend or sibling, like Choir Officer Maddie Grobe, who passed her robe down to her younger brother, Garett Grobe.

  After the ceremony, Dr. Martin invited all choir alumni in attendance to join them onstage for the singing of Darby’s alma mater. It was truly a perfect ending to a very sentimental night, as the seniors sang the final verse,

  “Time will not erase our love for Hilliard Darby High.”

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