Darby Cheerleaders compete at Dublin Jerome

On Sunday, January 16th, the Darby Cheerleaders competed at Dublin Jerome to maintain their title as the best overall team. The non-tumbling team made its second appearance this week. The tumbling team received second and the non-tumbling team got third.

  The non-tumbling team was the first to go that day. The team looked good and everyone seemed in sync with their teammates. Compared to the teams after them, Darby made an impression as one of the better and larger teams. The size of the team really is a testament to the Darby coaches because, while not taking any cheerleaders from the original tumbling team, they still managed to get a team close in size. The larger the team the better it looks when everyone is performing together.

  Senior Kayla Hornish felt positive about their performance.

  “I and most of the girls feel really good about today. It definitely was much better than last weeks competition. I think we just needed to get those first-time nerves out,” shared Hornish.

  The tumbling team started off strong and have a very strong opening statement. They start together and split down the middle for Senior Meade Akers to do a very impressive tumbling pass. The whole team was in sync, their technique looked nice and arms were properly placed. This routine was full of tumbling and had lots of room for falls, as there were eight falls, six throws, and at least one stumble. That being said, there were a lot fewer girls that fell at this competition, compared to the week before.

  Senior Paige Bergefurd filled in on the details of the season.

  “To prepare for the competitions we do a lot of full outs and then break it down to make sure it’s perfect. This is the hardest routine I have done throughout my four years at Darby. But we are definitely changing and improving our routine for the next competition,” said Bergefurd.

  She also expressed her feelings going into her last season at Hilliard Darby.

  “Wow! It doesn’t even feel like this is my last season. I can’t really believe it. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet, that there’s a whole lot of lasts coming but I’m so excited to finish off my time with Darby cheer, with an amazing routine and team.”

  The teams are starting to prepare for their next competition on Sunday, January 21. They will be competing at the OSU cheer competition at St. John’s Arena.

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