Darby band wows the crowd at spring concert

On Wednesday, May 9 the Hilliard Darby band program hosted its annual spring concert. The concert was the final show for the Darby band this school year and was an opportunity for the students to show off all of the progress they had made this school year. The concert featured all three of Darby’s bands, starting with Concert, followed by a special solo performance by senior Stephanie Anderson. After Anderson’s performance, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble performed their pieces as well. Each band played songs that showcase their musicality and technical abilities, providing for a fantastic show altogether.
  The concert opened with Concert Band who, led by director Nicholas James, played four songs. They started off with a more upbeat and fast paced song titled, “They Walked In The Valley Of Fire”. Next, they showcased their musical abilities with a slower and more lyrical song titled “As Twilight Falls”. Concert Band wrapped up their set with an arrangement by Ed Kiefer, titled, “Whitewater Run,” and an arrangement titled, “Rhythm Of The Spheres,” arranged by Erik Morales. After Concert Band, there was a special solo piece performed by Senior clarinetist, Anderson. The piece she performed was titled “Sonata No. 2 in E-flat Major, Movement 1,” by Johannes Brahms. Anderson was accompanied by Jennifer Dutiel. It was Anderson’s final band concert as a member of the Hilliard Darby Band and she managed to go out with a bang after her stunning performance.  
  Symphonic band took the stage next, performing three pieces. They started off with, “Incantations,” a commanding and bold piece by Robert W. Smith, and followed with a more melodic piece titled “Earth Song”. Symphonic wrapped up their performance with a crowd favorite, “Selections From Moana,” featuring classic hits from Disney’s Moana such as “How Far I’ll Go” and “You’re Welcome”. Sophomore saxophonist Jacob Geiger was a featured soloist in “Selections From Moana”.

   Geiger worked hard this school year to earn his solo at the spring concert.
  “I got my solo because I was first chair in the Symphonic band and have a pretty good tone overall,” Geiger said, “I don’t want to sound full of myself, but it’s very competitive when it comes to solos.”
  Geiger is also very appreciative of his band members and is proud of all the hard work that everyone has put in this year to be able to perform so well at their final concert. Geiger also extremely honored to be part of such a welcoming community as part of the band.
  “My favorite part about being in band is being a part of a community that is no stranger to expressing their feelings through music. The experience is always unique, making it interesting year after year,” Geiger said.
  After Symphonic Band’s performance, Wind Ensemble took the stage to close the concert. They started off with a classic, “The Star Spangled Banner,” and followed it with “Children’s March”. Afterwards, they performed another Disney classic, “Selections From Aladdin”, featuring “Arabian Nights” and “One Jump Ahead”. Finally, Wind Ensemble closed the concert with a very powerful piece titled “Khan”. The piece was the perfect end to a great year for the Darby Band and the returning band members highly anticipate what is yet to come in the next year.

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