Darby artist takes a unique assignment to the next level

After 2 months of collecting bottle caps, painting, and countless hours of work, junior Aisha Peerhboy created a unique bottle cap mural. 

   Before winter break, Mrs. Boza’s 3rd-period Painting 3 class was assigned to paint a bigger picture on a unique canvas and Aisha decided to go above and beyond to create a Bird Bottle Cap Mural. 

   Aisha said she wanted to do something she hadn’t used before. 

   “Our assignment was to paint on something weird. I really liked the idea of using recycled material and reusing them, and I have always wanted to do something with bottle caps,” Peerbhoy stated. 

   Beth Boza, the Painting 3 teacher, said she has never seen an individual artist take on this big of a project. 

   “I have seen groups of people create large murals with the bottle cap style of artwork…but I have never seen an individual artist take on such a large project with so many layers, and many details and so many processes involved,” Boza said.

 In the mural she uses over 1,608 bottle caps. In order to collect them all, she put boxes in a few teachers rooms to start the collection. During the painting process, she ran into some challenges. She said one of the biggest challenges was securing the bottle caps. 

    “One of the biggest challenges was the bottle caps because there are so many parts you have to cover so the bottle caps kept coming off so I had to keep re-gluing them.” 

   As her teacher, Mrs. Boza helped her through this big endeavor. 

“I kind of guided her along by mostly just problem solving, with her. Neither of us had done this exact kind of project before. So it took a lot of problem-solving to figure out how the bottle caps were going to attach on, how to get the paint to stick on and the brightness of the colors to show through,” Boza exclaimed. “But a lot of it was Aisha herself. She is a really good artist.”

    While developing her art skills, Aisha also had to learn about being finished with a project. 

    “I guess I learned to let go because I usually keep working on something for a long time and I tried to get things more detailed, but I had to learn how to make [this project] more abstract,” Peerbhoy said.  

   To show off her incredible work, the mural will soon be hung up in the Darby Library. 

    Ms. Fair and Mrs. Henkel, the media center specialists, think the mural will be a great addition that will add color to the creative space. 

    “I think it will be a good addition to the library. It’s very bright; certainly eye-catching,” said Fair.

    “It adds to the creativity of the space and I thought why not display a student’s artwork. It is not just a painting, it is a true piece of art,” Henkel added. 

   Aisha said she was happily surprised that the library would hang up her bottle cap mural 

    “I think it is cool. I never expected it. I thought it would be a big thing to hang up. I feel honored,” Peerbhoy exclaimed. 

   To view the mural, go to the library. It is currently sitting on the floor waiting to be hung up. Check out the amazing creation of one of Darby’s own. 

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