Cyber Monday deals sweep the nation

Just when you thought the shopping spree was over after Black Friday, you’re introduced to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving and much like Black Friday, retailers offer exceptional bargains for many different products. The difference is Cyber Monday is a time for online retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. People rush to get the best deals on clothes, electronics, and accessories all day long.  

  Although it is called Cyber Monday, deals can start as early as Black Friday and go on throughout the weekend. Many people love Black Friday but hate the frantic rush from store to store. Cyber Monday provides an easier, stress-free alternative that still has all of the great deals you love. Another reason people prefer Cyber Monday is that they don’t have the time to go out and shop all day, and checking their phone or computer every so often to find new deals is a much more time efficient solution.

  Cyber Monday is growing and will likely overthrow Black Friday as the largest retail day of the year. Cyber Monday is projected to bring in over 6.5 billion dollars in revenue, compared to Black Friday’s 5 billion. Over 75% of shoppers get online and buy something during Cyber Monday, and many come back multiple times throughout the day to get even more deals.

  Cyber Monday is a relatively new holiday compared to Black Friday, with Cyber Monday first being marketed in 2005. At first, it was overshadowed by the popularity of Black Friday, but it has quickly risen to be the best day for online sales all around the world.  

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